Hair Salon - CA

Hair Salon

Norm's Barber Shop is the result of a grand vision to recreate the barber shop from past generations in CA. The clean-cut look and hairstyles from the 50’s as well as 60’s were more than just a typical haircut – it was a memorable experience. At our California-based barber store, we offer barber store, hair cutter, straight razor shaving, barber shop shave, straight barber razor, best hair extensions, and much more. We have created a sanctuary for men and a place where they can go to experience the old-school barbershop. Norm's Barber Shop has a really passionate commitment to men’s grooming and provides no-nonsense high quality, value-for-money haircuts, styling and shaving for men.

Professional Hair Stylist - CA

Professional Hair Stylist

Our experienced and skilled hair stylists are here to serve you. We are familiar with the latest trends if you’d like to try something new, but your wishes and requests always come first. Our core vision has always been centered towards building a community-focused cultural center of beauty and style. Our hairdressers in CA offer hair services such as natural hair color, shampoo for men, weave hair, best hair highlights, hair touch up, hair straightening, hair dye, and much more. We focused on developing a dedicated, professional and ‘forward thinking’ team that cater to our guests for the ultimate salon experience. Our hair services are affordable, and we also offer a many hair salon offers in California.

Reasonable Hair Salon - CA

Reasonable Hair Salon

Among our many other qualities, the cost-efficiency of our hair services in CA is one of the reasons for driving a huge number of clients in our barber shop. Comparing with the quality of our hair services in CA, the rates of our each service are reasonable and suits to your pocket as well as taste. We also dedicate monthly time to ensure that our staff of expert hairdressers consistently focuses on education and has the knowledge to offer our guests with the most current hair trends for all walks of life.

Quality Haircuts - CA

Quality Haircuts

We’re the CA's largest as well as independent group of high-class gentleman’s barber shops and hairdressers, and we are passionate about male grooming. Our professional and friendly staff offer top quality value-for-money haircuts, shaving, and styling for men in California. We offer a broad variety of hair services such as salon hair color, salon hair treatments, best salon hair color, professional hair gel, professional hair products, professional hair treatment, professional hair cutting, salon hair gel, professional hair color salon, hair treatment for damaged hair salon and much more. Our skilled staff is proficient in giving you the best haircut, which is second to none. Many clients in CA prefer us for stylish haircuts at competitive rates.

Mens Haircuts - CA

Mens Haircuts

Help is at hand – here at Norm's Barber Shop we’ve put together a hefty guide of the best short as well as fresh haircuts for men and cool, latest haircuts for short hair. Apart from the men's haircuts, our skilled experts at Norm's Barber Shop also offer helpful hints on how to style them and which products to use. You may not have heard of a few, but we will take you through that so that you won’t feel entirely lost during your next visit to the barbers. We are constantly learning new trends and latest men's hairstyles to be ahead of the time.

Boys Haircuts - CA

Boys Haircuts

A haircut at Norm's Barber Shop is different from getting one at any other salon! With quality haircuts, entertainment screens to trained, child-friendly staff, it will be an extraordinary experience for your child! Your child will not just walk out with a super cool haircut, but we ensure that the environment is happy, safe and hygienic. Norm's Barber Shop provides a whole range of kid's salon services for toddlers to teens. If you are looking for more than a haircut, then try our variety of hairstyles, and lots more! We specialize in babies first haircuts and mundane too.